Friday, November 10, 2000

4:00 pm, Toronto City Hall: We got married in the wedding chambers. We decided to get married in Toronto because it is where we live, and where all our friends are, and also (for me, at least) because I love the city and wanted to celebrate this important event here.

We chose city hall because neither of us are religious; it would have been dishonest to have the ceremony in a church or synagogue. We could have had it in someone's home or another location, but city hall seemed easier, and it seemed suitable to perform an essentially bureaucratic act in such a bureaucratic place. Also, again, it was a vote of civic confidence; I believe in Toronto so much that I want to do this very important thing in a building which is very important to the city.

There were a few people there: in addition to Blake and I and our attendants, Janet and Woody, also present were Blake's parents Dorothy and Andy, Blake's sister Morgan and her boyfriend Erik, my brother Dave, Auntie J'Anne, my dear friend Sascha, Jason and Lindsay, and Mr and Mrs Wood (standing in for my parents).

5:30 pm, Mildred Pierce Restaurant: We chose this excellent restaurant on the recommendation of a friend of Dorothy and Andy's, and it was a great choice. It's tucked around the back of a non-descript building in an industrial area in the west end, and by looking at it, you would never in a thousand years dream that the food would be as divine as it is.

8:00, The Academy of Spherical Arts: The Academy is a club in the Victorian Old Boys' style, complete with leather club chairs, large potted plants, cigars, single malt Scotch, and pool tables. We chose not to have a typical wedding reception with dinner and dancing because we don't dance; we sit around, we drink, we play pool. Hors d'oeuvres were served, so people didn't go hungry, and we had an excellent dessert table.

There were about 40 people there; all the people who came to the ceremony, as well as more friends and family. We gave out dinky cars on key chains as party favours, and I think everyone had a good time.

Blake and I left the reception early and took a taxi to the King Edward Hotel, where Sascha had bought us two nights' stay as a wedding gift. It was utter blissful elegance.

The next morning, we went to Blake's parents' condo for a morning-after breakfast; we invited all the out of town guests, and enjoyed Gryfe's bagels, Kristapson's smoked salmon, and Daiter's cream cheese. After breakfast, Blake and I, Woody, Dave, Jason and Lindsay, and Sascha visited Casa Loma, then walked down to Dupont station (my personal favourite). I can't remember if we made it, but we tried to have dinner at Gio's.

The next day, Blake and I had breakfast in our suite, then visited St Lawrence Market and the Antique Market. We enjoyed the neighbourhood so much we decided to look for a condo here. (As it turns out, we failed, although not for lack of trying.) Later, Jason and Lindsay and Sascha and Janet joined us for tea at the Cafe Victoria.

All in all, it was a great wedding, and a great weekend.