This is the story of how Blake and I met and started going out, as recalled and written by me, Amy.

We met at the beginning of 1995, at the University of Waterloo, in the Computer Science Club. The first memorable day of our acquaintance was February 6th, when about a dozen CSC members went to the Princess Theatre to see Pulp Fiction. Blake and I sat next to each other, and after the movie he offered to walk me home. It was cold outside, and the sidewalks were slick with ice, so we held on to one another for support. When we arrived at my place, neither of us were ready to end the evening, so we went to the nearby Coffee Time. I think we talked for two or three hours, but the only thing I remember about the conversation was that we found out we both had a copy of the "Two Rooms" Elton John and Bernie Taupin tribute album.

After that night, we were pretty much inseparable, but still just friends. I remember telling Janet (later to be my maid of honour) about how happy and excited I was to have met this wonderful new person.

Cut to March 2nd, 1995; I invited a few people over to my place to watch the Grammies. As events transpired, only Blake was able to come, so we watched the awards cuddled up under a blanket on the rotten old couch in the living room of the house I shared with a few other people. When the show ended (it sucked), Blake was tired and it was cold outside. It was about a half hour walk home to his place, so I took pity on him and invited him to stay over; nothing suspect, you understand, just the offer of a warm bed.

Blake misunderstood. After we had cuddled up in bed, he asked "So, does this mean we're going out?"

I hadn't really thought about it, but it seemed like a pretty good idea. "Yeah, I guess so."

It seems to have worked out rather well.

In the next two months we were immersed in each other. I once skipped a music midterm because I didn't want to leave Blake's side. I remember taking a walk through campus on the first really warm day in April; we found a sheltered spot near the PAS building and lay in the sun, looking at the sky and talking.

Towards the end of the term Blake expressed concern that I was going to Ottawa for the summer to work. He was worried that we might break up due to the stress of maintaining a long distance relationship. He thought maybe we should break up, as a pre-emptive strike. I didn't much like that logic, and I assured him we would be able to maintain the relationship; I had done it before, and I did it again.

By rights that should have been the most miserable summer of my life; I was living on a food budget of $15 per week, my colleagues showed no signs of life whatsoever, the job I was doing was wretchedly boring and I barely understood what was going on most of the time, and I was living with a crazy control freak med student. But weekends spent in Toronto with Blake more than sustained me through the weekdays.

After that term nothing of note happened until after I graduated, at the end of 1996. In January of 1997 we moved in together (officially) into a bachelor apartment in the basement of a small North Toronto house.

And the rest, more or less, is history.