[Editor's Note: This page was originally written before the wedding, then hastily edited afterwards. As a result it contains a hodge-podge of different tenses, mostly past.]

Welcome to Blake and Amy's Wedding page. Here you will find all manner of useful information (and some not-so-useful) relating to the (no-longer) impending nuptials of Mr George Blake Winton and Ms Amy Rhoda Brown.


The wedding reception was held at the Academy of Spherical Arts, at 38 Hanna Avenue. Here's a map (click for a printable map):

The reception began at 8:00. Drinks, hors d'oeuvre, dessert, coffee and tea were served. Dress was formal. There were no speeches and no tossing of foliage or undergarments. There was plentiful pool, fine single malt scotches, but sadly no darts.


I know we're not supposed to talk about this, but since my best woman is somewhat delinquent in her duties and you don't all know my mother-in-law, I'm mentioning it anyway. We're registered at The Hudson's Bay Company (the oldest corporation in Canada) and Give It A Stir. For those of you not quite up to facing The Mall, you can shop on-line at the Bay.


Blake has lived in Toronto since birth, except for a few long years in Waterloo, the highlight of which was undoubtedly meeting Amy. Or maybe that time in co-op when they piled up all the mattresses... He spends his spare time playing squash and Counterstrike. His likes are chili, black computer equipment, and sleeping. His dislikes are green peppers, people in cars, and being awake.


Amy has lived in more places than she cares to mention, but only really started paying attention when she got to Waterloo. She spends her spare time going to movies and reading. Her likes are shoes by Enzo Angiolini, chocolate, and shopping. Her dislikes are having to wear shoes, bad chocolate, and vacuuming.


Your Best Woman for the evening will be Ms Janet Suek. She and Amy have been best friends for about 10 years (ohdeargod) and they have travelled together from the deepest north to Waterloo, then Ottawa, then Toronto. Well, not quite together, actually staggered by quite a few months. But mostly it was Janet doing the staggering.


Mr Scott Wood will be playing the part of Best Man for the evening's festivities. He and Blake knew each other in, like, grade 3, then they didn't see each other for years then Blake went to music camp, and Woody was there, and then after that it all got kind of hazy. Or something, you'll have to ask them.
Email Amy if you have any questions, or to R.S.V.P.