July 2012

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We went to Saskatchewan the day after school ended this summer. Apart from my high school reunion, we didn't do much, but here are some pictures.
Delphine and I went for a walk one day and found a large patch of fireweed. Delphine wrote a project on fireweed so we're kind of experts...

Old bridge, new bridge.

Cordelia in the field across the street from my mum's house.

We spent two weeks at my mum's. Two weeks is a long time for kids who are used to seeing friends every day, so one day to amuse them I created a scavenger hunt of Things At Granny's House. I gave them a list and a camera and set them off. Here are some of their finds.

Man with hawk.

Teapot clock.


Near my mum's house some kids took an old shed apart and made it into a tree fort. It's been abandoned for a few years, but the girls like to try and climb it. This is the first year they've been big enough.

The town of Big River is trying to stimulate tourism and beautify the town. One of the new additions is this lovely walking trail along the water. Conveniently enough, it goes from my mum's house to Main Street, and it makes our trips "into town" much more pleasant — no more walking along a dusty street!

We found a new beach. For the last couple of years we have been going to Nesslin Lake, which has a wonderful beach but is a long way from Big River through some truly alarming roads. Someone suggested we go to Zig Zag beach, which is closer and easier to get to. The beach isn't so big and clean, but it's nice enough.

There were forest fires nearby when we were in Big River. Not bad enough to leave town, but they made the sunset all smoky and red.

My high school BFF came up to Big River with her kids. My kids like her kids and they had fun showing off "their" tree fort.

When we got back to Toronto, the kids had two weeks of day camp at Harbourfront. This picture is from dress-up day; Delphine is Legolas, and Cordelia is just a witch, I think.

Delphine and I went out for our very first girls' shopping trip; we went to Sears to pick out a dress for Kat's wedding. I think it might have been the first time she had ever taken a bunch of things into a change room and tried them on, and she loved it.

Delphine posed for pictures of all the dresses, but these two are my favourites. (Delphine didn't pick either of them.)

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