Spring 2012

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Making daisy chain crowns at the Science Centre. (Yeah, we seem to spend half our lives there. Nearby, plenty to do, comfy, good food...)

Tanya liked the reflection of the trees on my glasses, but the camera didn't catch it properly.

Cordelia eating a cake lollipop at Starbucks.

We went downtown to see a reading by Mo Willems. (He was great.) Here are the girls posing in the sunshine afterwards.

On the subway home.

Cordelia wearing her pigeon t-shirt. (And a kilt and bee tights.)

Mabel is the cat at Mabel's Fables. I don't know what this typewriter did to her...

Sometimes Cordelia wears a large scarf as a cape.

Delphine's ballet class did "Dance of the Dolls" (by I've-forgotten-who) for their final recital. Here she is in the changing room.

A froth of purple tulle.

On stage.

We got our deck scrubbed and sealed in spring. Totally worth it!

Waiting for Delphine's birthday cake.

For Delphine's party, she and her three closest friends biked over to a great park nearby. I picked up some sushi from a nearby restaurant, and after lunch and playing we biked back home for cake and presents.

We festooned the bikes with balloons.

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