Christmas Holiday

The view from the CN Tower. It seems weird to say this but I was kind of underwhelmed by the view. I think it's that when you're up so high it stops seeming like a great view from a building and starts seeming like the view from an airplane, which I've seen a million times. Also Google Maps. Delphine wasn't super impressed either. We're so jaded.

This is the shortest ferry ride in Toronto, the ride from the mainland (heh) to the Billy Bishop Airport where you catch flights on Porter. It takes eight minutes, apparently.

I know it's kind of self-serving to say so, but it seems like Delphine's gotten really gorgeous lately. Being seven and a half looks good on her. (Even when she's in focus!)

Me and the girls with Jeff and Colleen at the Harbourfront Skating Rink.

Cordelia building something at the Ontario Science Centre.



They have a fake cave at the Science Centre. Delphine loved finding all the hiding places in it.



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