July 2009

The girls dressed all in red and white for Canada Day. Because we're patriotic, like.

Like I need an excuse to bake a cake (and then photograph it), here is my Canada Day cake.

My friend Jeff got married so we got all dressed up. Here are the girls. (That's Aunt Evelyn in the background. (Doh!)) It was a gorgeous ceremony, although almost all the ladies there got sunburned.

I did Delphine's hair up in little tiny buns on each side, so Cordelia insisted on having her little wisp of hair up too.

The whole fam damily.

Here's Kat and Delphine looking luminous. I didn't notice at the time, but the light reflecting up off the cement in front of them, together with their half-smiles, makes them both look ethereal and gorgeous.

I wanted a pic with both girls and Kat, but Cordelia was being weird (as usual) and wouldn't let go of Blake's hand. I love how she looks so crabby in her beautiful dress.

I ambushed Jeff and Colleen late in the evening and took probably the 2284th picture of them that day, but they still managed to look radiant. Well, radiant and a little glazed.

We went to the beach at Kew Garden and the girls baked in the sun and played with rocks for hours.

Of course I forgot to pack swimsuits.

We met a lovely family at the beach. I hit it off with the dad and the girls hit it off with the daughter. Sadly they left for Calgary the next week.

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