June 2009

We went to the Farmer's Market at the Brickworks. Here are the girls waiting for the bus.

My fabulous family. Fabulously silly.

This is Cordelia at her nursery school end-of-year party, with her friend Henry. Henry is a third-generation friend of the Wintons!

And here is Delphine at her Kindergarten graduation, with young Evan in the background. Now that I think about it, Evan is a third-generation acquaintance of the Wintons, too! I love this neighbourhood.

I took some pictures of my house to send to my mother, but I haven't sent them to her yet because I don't have a full set. But here's our dining room, looking through to the kitchen. So much brown. This isn't the way it would look if I had plenty of money.

I quite like this wall. I actually painted that bookcase white since I took the picture, so I like it even better now. The egg picture was a gift from my friend Tanya, who is an artist. Delphine made the hanging fish and mobile. The rocking horse was a gift from my Mum. I bought the map with Amazon birthday money from my brother.


Cordelia with a tower of her own devisement. I think she's the mathier of the two girls.

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