May 2008

Delphine's Fifth Birthday Party

Birthday picnic.

Ursa and Otis at the party.

Everyone running. I think the unstructured running around was one of the favourite parts. That and Pass The Parcel.

Opening presents.

Delphine got a Lite Brite. I was really excited about this because I always wanted a Lite Brite when I was a kid. As it turns out my parents were right (again); Delphine did all the pictures that came with the Lite Brite and since then hasn't touched it.

Tanya gave Delphine this chic water bottle. The daisies were one of the party favours.

Baba and Zaida came over one day and played cards with the girls.

This was Cordelia's last night in the crib. We sold it to a nice lady on craigslist.

Cordelia climbed up on Delphine's desk.

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