April 2008

This is the family tree that I posted about, where Delphine wrote the names all around the circles. You'll notice that some of the names are written completely backwards, too.

Sometime between March break and April the snow all melted and we got to work in the garden. You can see that the north bed is quite pretty in early spring, all crocuses and Siberian squill. Everything else looks pretty sketchy, though.

After gardening.

Whisk whiskers.

Ursa's Birthday Party

Sad Cordelia all dressed up for Ursa's party. I think it was just pretend sad, though.

And Delphine too.

Blake and I are fairly good looking, if you're twelve feet tall. (Guest photographer: Douglas S., Ursa's dad.)

Not as pretty as Cordelia, though.

Blake and his girls.

"All the party people in the house say 'Whoah!'"

All these pictures seem to be Cordelia. I think it's the dress. (Yes, it's the dress from Auntie Morgan's wedding. Cordelia picked it out for Ursa's party. Perfect for flying kites and eating ice cream! Fortunately it's machine washable.)

A lone, brave ostrich fern is growing on the path by the deck.

Where earlier in the month (see above) I had nice crocuses and Siberian squill, by the time I took this picture I had a mess of greenery, some of which is weeds and some of which is plants and some is in-between (mint, anyone?), and plenty of which is daffodils which never bothered to flower. So I took these pictures so I can try and figure out what greenery turns out to be useful and what is just greenery.

This is our lawn. Well, it's a bit better now, but it's still at least fifty percent non-grass.

One of our main gardening activities this year has been moving this pile of leaves around. Here is Blake moving it to the area by the south fence. I think next I'm going to move it to the raspberry patch to keep the weeds down.

In other news, Blake's odometer clicked over 4000 km in April!

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