March 2008

On the way to the subway we found this amazing wall of ice by Davisville Park.

Here's some more crazy ice, this time hanging from my neighbour's eaves. That can't be good.

Cordelia is trying on some antlers at the ROM.

Here is the obligatory picture of Delphine (and Ursa) digging in the fake fossil pit. We take this picture every time we go to the ROM. It's her favourite thing.

Delphine and Ursa don't seem to care that there is a Tyrannosaurus Rex towering over them. Well, I guess it's pretty dead.

Blake's 35th birthday cake. The girls helped me decorate it.


She's just as lovely sleeping now as she was when she was a baby.

Impromptu March Break Pizza Party

We had a thousand people over for an impromptu March Break pizza party, and here are the bigger kids out in the backyard. The oldest is Jake, in the blue jacket. He was in charge but he also ended up pulling everyone else around a lot.

Here are all the children, except Cyrus. You can see a bit of Otis on the left edge of the shot. There were four mummies and nine children in all. It's not a terrifically flattering shot of everyone, I just post it here for posterity. (Hm, I wonder if "post" and "posterity" are somehow related.)

Maxine, Delphine and Ursa. Dexter took this picture! He takes pretty good pictures for a four-year-old.

My children are obsessed with flossing.

Me and Delphine.

Steal this idea: We bought lots of tins for our spices, stuck magnets on the bottom (you can get self-adhesive strips of flexible magnetic stuff), labelled them (that was the hardest part) and put them up on a magnet board from Ikea. Finally a spice storage system that scales. (Alphabetization optional.)

It was one of those late winter days that are so sunny and warm that you feel like going outside in just a t-shirt and diaper.

Thomas likes to sit on the garbage can so you can't throw things away.

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