September 2007

September was a busy month; Delphine started kindergarten, Cordelia turned two, Cordelia and I went to Saskatchewan for a week, and we had a big party!

Zaida and Delphine.

Delphine on her very first day of Kindergarten.


Cordelia got a lot of mileage out of these ceramic miniature garden gnomes my mother got in the mail. Cordelia called them "santas". They're really ugly and we were hoping she would break them all, but they're like iron.

Santas go to bed.

I think the Santas should lay off the lipstick. It's like some crazy cocktail party.

My mother taught Cordelia colours and counting by reading the Sears catalogue with her.

Cordelia's Birthday

Garçon? Cheque please!

Cordelia adds some sprinkles to her cake.

Delphine too.

Cordelia likes her present and she hasn't even opened it!



Delphine likes her unbirthday present, or as she persists in calling it, her "inbirthday present".

I love this picture because Delphine is in that classic 'little girl reading' pose.

"Show me your sad face!"

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