August 2007

Delphine and Ursa watching television. Probably Charlie and Lola. I don't know why Delphine looks so mad.

On my birthday we decorated cupcakes. It's funny how when you have little kids your own birthday becomes all about them too. Except for the beer, the beer was all about me.

Aren't they pretty?

At The Cottage

Blake and Morgan.

Delphine and Cordelia.

The cottage was very... cottagy. Actually there was a lot of awesome vintage stuff there. But I hate the damn wood panelling. The green shag was kind of horrible too. That's okay, Delphine peed on it.

You can see that our beach was really rocky. There was a nice sandy bit for playing and sitting around on, though. And the rocks are so pretty, all pink and grey and stripey.

Driftwood, pretty rocks and new princess sneakers for Back to School.

There was a boardwalk down to the water; Delphine and I liked walking down there and finding paths across the rocks.

At the beach.

I think she looks kind of like a mermaid.

Cordelia wasn't loving the beach that day, she just wanted to cuddle with me and eat a peach.

She was kind of gloomy.

This is Delphine's superhero swimsuit. I had to sell it as a superhero swimsuit because I couldn't find one that was pink. She bought it!

Zaida finally managed to coax Cordelia into the water.

I have admired Cordelia's crescent-moon eyes for some time now, and this picture made me realize I was just being unwittingly narcissistic.

Delphine went down the the beach on this afternoon and played with rocks and sand and sticks by herself for ages while Baba read the paper.

I took a kite down and we flew it together.

We had ribs!


Zaida cleaned them off and then fed them corn.

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