July 2007

Morgan reading the dinosaur book to the girls.

I am enamoured of the ostrich ferns, which makes it doubly ironic that I allowed them to die horribly this summer. What, water? You have to water these things? Damn. Hopefully they will return next year.

Daylillies are pretty enough but I don't love the foliage when they aren't flowering. That's okay, they're mostly dead too.


Weeds. Some corn and lettuce, but mostly weeds. Sigh.

My girls like to read. Hooray! Cordelia wants to know if perhaps Delphine's book is a little more interesting.

Bye bye, viney thing! We determined that the hideous phallic vine thing was merely a support pole for the clothesline, "decorated" with some kind of vine. It was in the way of the contractors who built the deck, so they got rid of it for us.

You have already seen the hole the contractors knocked into the neighbour's fence.

Here is how big it is, compared to an average four-year-old. The happy ending is that the guy who was responsible for the bad decision re: driving a big truck down the lane also took responsibility for repairing the fence, even to the extent of coming in on his weekends off. My contractor is awesome.

What was to become our new deck; a big heap of cedar and pressure-treated lumber.

Here's the little gate they nailed up so the girls wouldn't plunge out the door onto the yet non-existant deck.

Here's Cory the foreman. He has an excellent nose for cheese; he insisted I retake this picture with the sunglasses on.

The framing for the deck.

With most of the boards down.

The deck done, with a planter and the garbage shed, and Mimi blending in and also doing some kind of martial arts stance. Hyaaah!

Mimi caught a mouse! She is so much awesomer than I suspected! She didn't kill it, though, and we had to trap it in this welly and let it loose outside.

Hello! Call for you on the bootphone!

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