June 2007

The garden looked really nice in spring! Look at all that green. Look at all those maple keys... damn maple tree.

More green stuff; daffodils, day lillies, cosmos, allysum, and yes, some weeds.

A whole lot of garlic came up, left over from the previous owner. Awesome! Also look at all those weeds. I am the world's worst gardener.

A princess dress is never inappropriate.

I figured out the hard way that those are stinging nettles.

I love this gorgeous shiny hosta! I think it might have bit the dust when we built the deck, though, because it was right by the path to the back gate.


This used to be a huge tree stump, but it was going to be in the way of the path by the deck so we got it ground into mulch.

The remains of the old porch.

Blueberry girls.

Cordelia, dirty again. I like the Van Dyke effect.

Our latest overpriced baby-mover. It's kind of awesome.

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